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Places currently available on our paddles

Please refer to the calendar below for availability. We only run paddles in the mornings as it is nearly always too windy in the afternooons. If there's nothing marked for a particular day then it's available. If you see a trip scheduled you can click on that entry to view the number of available spaces.

If there are only one or two of you then I can run private tours. These are $150 for one person or $190 for two people and are for 2 hours. I usually do these on weekdays (Mon or Thurs only) starting just after sunrise. Since there are only one or two people we can usually cover most of what we'd do on a tour with a larger group. The Bridge Paddle is possible too as early on weekdays the water is usually quite calm and there is very little boat traffic.

For details of upcoming trips please check the calendar below. You can click on events to check the number of available places. You can change click on the arrows below to change month etc.

Natural Wanders
PO Box 751
Milsons Point NSW 1565
TEL: 0427 225 072
NSW Maritime Hire Drive Licence# HD260
Email: patrick@kayaksydney.com
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